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Tobacco Free Multiunit Housing

Comprehensive Tobacco Free Mulitunit Housing policies save money, protect the health of tenants and employees, and reduce the risk of smoke related fires.

HUD Ruling Over View | HUD Final Ruling
The rule require s public housing agencies (PHAs) administering public housing to adopt a smoke -free policy by July 30, 2018, which is 18 months from the effective date of the final rule. The policy must prohibit the use of "prohibited tobacco products" in all indoor areas, including individual living units, common areas, administrative office buildings , a nd outdoor areas within 25 feet of those areas .

Health Impact of HUD ruling:

Help improve the health of more than 2 million public housing residents, including 760,000 children.
? Save an estimated $153 million every year in costs from secondhand smoke attributable healthcare, repairs of smoke-permitted units and smoking attributable fires.
? Impact the more than 940,000 units that are currently not smoke-free, including more than 500,000 units inhabited by elderly individuals.

The final rule:
? Requires public housing agencies to implement smoke-free policies within 18 months of the final rule being adopted.
? Prohibit the use of tobacco products in outdoor areas within 25 ft. from buildings.
? Allow for further restrictions (e.g., buffer around playgrounds, restrict smoking to designated outdoor areas, property-wide smoke-free policy).
? Apply to all housing types, including single family units.
? Require PHAs to document their smoke-free policies in their PHA plans, a process that requires resident engagement and public meetings.


Resources for Property Owners and Public Housing Authorities

Brochure:?PDF?Smoke-Free Policies for Multiunit Housing

Fact Sheets:

PDF?Benefits of Smoke-Free Policies

PDF?How to Implement a Smoke-Free Policy

PDF?Legality of Smoke-Free Policies


PDF?Smoke-Free Housing Decal or Stickers

PDF?Smoke-Free Housing Door Hangers


There are105 rentals registered on the Panhandle Tobacco Free Rentals List.



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