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Fit Testing

Respirator fit testing is a medical evaluation that measures whether a respirator properly fits an individual?s face and provides adequate protection against airborne hazards. This includes employees who work in industries such as healthcare, construction, manufacturing,  etc.

Our certified staff provide OSHA-compliant Respirator Fit Tests, providing respiratory protection and maintaining yearly compliance. This includes the Medical Evaluation, Issuance, and Training.

For our healthcare population: our method primarily used is Qualitative Fit Testing (QLFT) with Bitrex solution. We have 5 different NIOSH-certified N95 options for training, the N95 respirator is supplied for you. We can also complete PAPR training on 3M Versaflo machine if failure of Respirator Fit Test has occurred or if otherwise deemed necessary.

FIt Test Application

For nonhealthcare, private entities, or businesses that would like fit testing with your own supplied model of respirators (may include half-face, full-face), please contact our office directly (308) 633-2866.