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Tobacco Free County Policies

Comprehensive Tobacco Free School policies reduce youth initiation and exposure to secondhand smoke exposure.

Smoking is the #1 preventable cause of death in Nebraska and is a public health concern.? As a city official you can save money and take a step to protect your community by passing a tobacco free policy.

The scientific evidence is clear: secondhand smoke causes serious diseases and premature death among nonsmokers.? Secondhand smoke is harmful in outdoor setting as there is no safe level for exposure.?

It is for this reason Nebraska passed the Clean Indoor Air Act and why communities across Nebraska are passing tobacco free policies for outdoor areas

Panhandle Public Health District is committed to working with you to develop a tobacco free policy that is right for your county.? We will provide technical assistance and metal signage at no cost.


County Tobacco Free Policies in the Panhandle

  • Kimball County
  • Dawes County
  • Box Butte County

Technical Assistance
Tabi Prochazka
308-487-3600 ext 107
308-760-1120 cell

Reviewed April 2019